Casual Care and Saturdays

Casual Care in each Program is available for pre-registered Parents. This means we have to have a Registration Form with all required Licensing Information.  When you need the service you email and we confirm availability for the day and time required by email.  You pay only for the time used. There may be times when you ask for the service and it is not available due to ratio's. Great way for parents to try our environment, cool toys and philosophy and see if it meets your families needs. Days open are Monday to Saturdays.

Parents provide Snacks and Meals

We believe it is important for parents to provide food for their child in our environment.  We keep our fees to one of the lowest in our community so that parents can provide those nutritious foods that a parent knows their child likes and meets the cultural and diverse requirements  as well as potential food allergies.  We focus on putting those resources that would be taken up by a food program to ensuring a Learning Environment with quality equipment and high end resources and trained well paid professional Educators. 

We do offer Food Programs Like "Food for Thought" to those families who may be struggling; to support them through this difficult time. 

We support this Agency.

We  offer awesome Event Days that provide opportunities for our diverse Early Learning Community to gather and share food together.



We transport children to & from Holy Spirit and Joe Clark. We have two vans a white van and red van that each seats 6 children, all drivers have a clean abstract, vulnerable sector and police checks on file and are certified at a ECE Level 1, 2 or 3 as per government requirements.  

Our vehicles are commercially insured as per requirements of a Licensed Child Care Facility.  We use booster seats and provide children with a safe and comfortable drive.  Environment is for children to relax after working hard at school. This transportation is included in your Kindergarten and OSC fees. 

We take the OSC children to and from Holy Spirit and Joe Clark Schools to Daydreams at Spitzee OSC which is located in the gym of Spitzee Elementary School or for Kindergartens back to Daydreams ELCC Ltd at 329 3rd Avenue Se High River.

Look Whats Happening for 2019

As a ELCC Non Profit affordable Center, this past 6 months have been busy with adding Saturdays to the Monday to Friday care, and has been very successful.  We will no longer be offering Part Time Care in any of our Programs at the Daydreams ELCC site as the need for affordable childcare in all age groups is a big demand and we need to put all of our support with those families needing Full time care.  We hope to still be able to offer Casual Care for those families who are able to be more flexible and understand whatever day they request is based on staffing levels and ratio's of children in attendance that day requested.  See Casual Care Info.

We ended the 2018 year with a fun family event Wagon Ride with beautiful Clydesdale horses.  We have also made  lasting relationships with many new organizations that support Quality Childcare and Early Learning.

Daydreams OSC program is in the High River United Church and is Licensed for 65 children and Accredited.  Our other Licensed and Accredited School Age Program Daydreams at Spitzee OSC  is located in Spitzee Elementary School gym.  We can continue to provide continuous quality and high level experiences for children kindergarten to Grade 6.  We also are open for Summer Camp which involves lots of serious play throughout the summer.

We are involved with the Story Park APP and Program that takes communication with parents to a higher level.  Provides Child Development and ongoing Early Learning information between the Educators, Parent and Family along with videos and pictures of activities and Learning Stories.  The feedback and interactions are priceless.

We initiated a Smart TV in our Lobby to provide parents and visitors with ongoing videos of events and activities in the center so that everyone can participate.  Our goal this year is to take local resources and translate in different languages for our community to be aware of.

Our rooms have all had new items that promote sensory exploration of the senses.  In 2019 we are planning a new yard outside to add to the great one we have now.  A new "sand" area with different sensory additions, we will also be adding to our bikes and scooters with traffic signs, and expand our "mud" kitchen, as well as more climbing and exploring areas.  The front yard will be an expanded plant area; growing some vegetables and fruit that children can 


Our Lobby is new surprise for children and parents and is now complete.

Come check it out!

New for September 2019

News coming soon!