Junior Infants and Senior Infants

We have two seperate rooms; a room for three younger babies ages 6 month to 12 months that provides a quieter relaxing room with appropriate furniture, and toys to meet the younger babies individual schedules. An older Infant Room from 13 months to 24 months of age with space to walk and climb and discover. Sleeping and eating times are individual, cuddles are in abundance.  This is a energetic room with loving professional Educators. Activities promote muscle strength and Brain Development with exploring, and a wide range of sensory activities.  Stories, music, heuristic play experiences and hugs are essential in this room.

Fulltime: under 12 months $546

               over 12 months $546

Part Time: $25 per day

Casual: $25

Snacks and Meals Provided by Parents

Subsidy Available for Part Time & Fulltime


There are 12 children in our Toddler Room with two Educators. Ages 25 months to 3 years old. This group loves to learn everything about themselves, their family and the neighborhood they live in. We provide a balance of literacy skills, exploration, messy art, we have daily visits into our neighborhood which can include but not limited to the Museum, Evelyns Ice Cream store, Sobeys, the Birchwood Natural Park, then come back to a story time and songs. Discussing our adventures for the day.

Fulltime: $546

Part Time: $25 per day

Casual: $25 per day

Parents provide Meals and Snacks for the day

Subsidy is available for Part Time & Fulltime

Junior Pre-Kindergarten

This room is very exciting with 3 to 4.5 year olds, 16 children with two Educators. They are exploring art, sand & water play, story times, science, mathmatics, creative thinking skills. Friendships are important to their social play.  They develop more adventurous and risk taking play which is supported by the Educators. Their adventures in the community are to the Birchwood Natural Park, Emerson Lake, George Lane Park and Museum, Downtown and many other places.

Fulltime: $546

Part Time is $25 per day

Casual Care: $25 per day

Parents provide all Snacks and Lunches for the day.

Subsidy is available for Fulltime and Part Time.

Senior Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten

This group of  4.5 to 6 year olds are now expanding their interest in the world they live in. They change the room environment to explore what interests them and further develop their social skills. The activity areas are similiar to a Kindergarten room in which items are presented as invitations to encourage children to explore, ask questions and find the answers for themselves with an educator. Their adventures are more involved in the community.

Fulltime: $546

Part Time: $25 per day

Casual Care: $25 per day

Snacks and Lunches are provided by parents.

Subsidy is available for Part Time and Fulltime

Daydreams OSC

We are located in the High River United Church at 123 Macleod Trail High River and are licensed and fully accredited. Program is iopen Monday to Friday 6am - 5:55pm A balance of healthy activities such as yoga, dancing and  physical games, are offered with quieter activites like board games, construction materials and art.  Summer Camp is offered for those who require care for July and August with a Lots of space Kitchen for cooking and interacting with seniors.

Fulltime: $550 Summer Program

Part Time: $45 per day OSC

Part Time; $350 Before or Just After

Fulltime: $450 OSC School Year

Casual: $10 per hour

Snacks and Lunch is provided by Parents

Subsidy is available for Part Time and Fulltime.

Daydreams at Spitzee OSC

Program runs in the gym of Spitzee Elementary School. We look at interests and abilities of all the various ages.  There are Educators who love to jump in and engage the children in activities. Focus is on Fun and Participation. On School PD Days we head out exploring the forests and rivers of our town as well as other places like spraypark or Birchwood..  Summer Camp is available  of July and August in High River United Church, designed for cooking classes, yoga, and other adventures.

Fulltime: OSC $450 month

 Part Time; $350 Before or Just After 

 OSC $45 per day

Casual: $10 per hour

Snacks and Lunches provided by Parents

Subsidy is available for Part time and Fulltime.